Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ghostbusters DVD viewing party on Twitter

This is excellent!  To build the love for the whole Ghostbusters world in the run up to next year's Ghostbusters 3, Sony are holding a special DVD viewing party for the first Ghostbusters film on Twitter tomorrow.  (It's also Friday 13th)

(Click to enlarge)

Follow @GhostbustersDVD on twitter, then start the DVD at 9pm EST, 6pm PST (2am UK time) and join in the fun.

So far the twitter account has got only 324 followers, but what a fun idea.

It'd be fun to do this as a regular cult film event with people like Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg or even - why not -  stars of the film paid/encouraged to take part, or even as a special event on the day of a DVD release.

Imagine it - buy the DVD for Hangover II on the day of release, then watch it with the cast on twitter that evening.

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