Friday, May 06, 2011

Cadbury's Charity Shop

A new ad from Cadbury's.

I like this - I think it might be the best one they've done since Gorilla - it's fun, the music's a guilty pleasure, and I can imagine it playing very well to a very broad audience.  I bet Smiffy's, who make most of the fancy dress costumes, and designing some 'giant clothes' outfits as I write this.

It's too easy to be cynical in agencyland.  We all hated T-Mobile's Royal Wedding film when we first saw it, and in the first few hours it was on YouTube the comments were dominated by people slagging it off, and pointing out the similarity to the earlier JK Wedding Entrance Dance film.

Yet 3 weeks later it's had nearly 20m views, the comments and ratings are overwhelmingly popular, and it reached millions on the BBC when a great chunk of it was shown on Have I Got News For You.

I think Cadbury's (Fallon) may have produced something that'll become very popular over the next few weeks.

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