Thursday, August 11, 2011

UK Riots - Doing Good Things

I'm creating a post to catalogue lots of the good initiatives coming out of the riots.  Things that show people pulling together and so on.  I'm not saying that these things are any more than metaphorical plasters over the cracks, but they show real human desire to do things.

There's also official government action, of course - here's a link to the official claim forms for people who to claim compensation for damage caused by rioting.

1 - The Riot Clean-up

Organising people to clean up areas affected

2 - Let's Do Something for Ashraf

Raising money for a Malaysian student who was robbed and beaten up

3 - Keep Aaron Cutting

A project by interns at the ad agency BBH, to help a Tottenham barber to re-open his business

4 - Not In My Name

A photoset on Facebook organised by the National Council For Voluntary Youth Services

5 - Rebuild Reeves

A pledge on PledgeBank to raise money to rebuild the House of Reeves furniture store in Croydon

6 - PhotoSonny

Photographer Sonny Malhotra has offered to take free family portraits of people who lost photos in the riots

7 - Collections for the newly homeless

Music blog From Disc Till Dawn is collating information about collection points for people to donate clothes and household items for people made homeless in the riots.  People like Kate Nash are also involved in publicising and collecting

8 - Save Siva's Shop

Raising money to help a Hackney shop keeper get back into business

9 - DeLoot London

A campaign to persuade people to visit and shop in parts of London that suffered from looting

Please send me any other examples through Twitter (@dancall) or in the comments

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