Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Monopoly - Save Your Token

How do you generate buzz for a brand that's been (relatively) unchanged since the 1930s?

Monopoly has previously done it through special editions (Star Wars, Simpsons, university campuses), but has now unveiled a new campaign following the 'eviction' idea.

One of the eight tokens (car, thimble, boot, dog, battleship, hat, iron, wheelbarrow) is going to be taken away, to be replaced by a new one (robot, diamond ring, cat, helicopter, guitar).  You can vote on both here on the Facebook app, and also see the leaderboard.  I'd remove the battleship, and add the robot.

It's a nice stunt, and it'll be interesting to see how fired up people really get about it.

(It's been done before, but Revels/Mars (and probably a few more))

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