Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BandPage - Selling experiences to Super Fans

One of the reasons for the success of a lot of music projects on Kickstarter is that the most committed fans really love their favourite bands and are willing to pay more to be closer to the band and the experience.

Musicians have traditionally tried to keep it all fair, and charge all fans the same amount for gigs and so on (maybe even charging fan club members less for tickets) but Kickstarter shows that if you offer special experiences (band plays at your house for £2,000 or whatever) there are people who will pay.

Now BandPage has been set up as a site that sells these experiences, away from the mechanism of doing a full Kickstarter project.

Opening offers include a 30 minute guitar lesson from Zakk Wylde (on Skype) for $2,500, watch the band Stars from the side of the stage for $100, and a pre-show listening party with the band Issues for $30 (concert ticket not included).

The rather bizarre offer in the video above, Nataly Dawn delivering cookies to your door (if you're near her tour) and singing for you, for $150, has sold out.

A fun idea, and I'm sure it will grow.

Update - and for an indication of how much some fans are willing to pay for things, this Kickstarter to fund a Veronica Mars film hit $1m after just 4 hours, and someone has pledged $10,000, to have a speaking role in the film

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