Friday, June 07, 2013

Pub Loo Shocker for THINK!

THINK!, the UK Department of Transport's anti drink driving campaign has produced this new ad.

It's similar in many ways to other stunt or prank videos on YouTube but what I think is interesting is that they're upfront (in the press release anyway) about the people in it being actors:

"The agency took over a pub in London and placed a fake mirror of similar size and shape to a car windscreen in the men's toilets. The agency team then propelled a human mannequin through the fake glass of the mirror, shocking the unsuspecting punters, played by actors, using the toilets. The incident included accompanying, specially-designed sound effects, which brought to life the full horror of a road accident."

I think that the audience are pretty forgiving of this and this will prevent the 'fake' comments that this LG video got.

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