Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"I'm 13 and none of my friends use Facebook"

I've been sent this article from Mashable a couple of times, and I think it's very persuasive - she's a great writer - but...

- Yes, Facebook has become more complex in the past few years, but that's because (I think) it's trying to do all of the top 20 things comScore says people do on the web - mail, messaging, videos, photos, events, music, news, search, and more.

- Facebook has reduced the visibility of games, much to the detriment of people like Zynga, but that may be a deliberate attempt to have fewer younger people (especially people under 13, who have to lie about their age to join, as many kids have done)

- 13 year olds may grow into it, when they and their friends organise more events of their own, get engaged, have families and so on.

- Facebook is probably more interested in 33 year olds than 13 year olds; most 33 year olds I know live their lives on the site.

This is a very good discussion of the article, and also this is something I wrote about social networking 7 years ago, saying that basically the cool kids will always find new bars to go to.

I think Facebook's strength is that they appeal to the mass, not the cool kids.

But they also have the cool kids through their purchase of Instagram.

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