Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Push For Pizza - 'Yo for Pizza'

Push for Pizza is one example (I expect there are many) of the influence of Yo.

Yo is an app that only lets you do one thing - send a message that says 'Yo' to a friend.  Nothing else.  As such, the interface is extremely basic and easy to use (but all you can do is send a message that says 'Yo').

Push for Pizza lets you order a pizza to be sent to you.  It's not quite as simple as Yo, in that you need to set up card payment details, address, and so on, and also you get two options (Plain or Pepperoni), but essentially, you press a button for pizza.

More details here

Yes, it's been done before, with a simple fridge magnet in Dubai:

What I think is interesting though, is this follows the trend of simplification and single purpose apps.  If you look at other pizza apps - Domino's etc - they can get quite heavy with different options, 'create your own pizza' and more.  I'm not completely sure that this is a problem that needs fixing urgently, or that people can't get around, but I suspect we'll see lots of apps going through a simplification process.

Update - See also The Pizza Button

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