Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Buzzfeed's 'Dear Kitten' Video Ad for Friskies

One of my 10 Trends for this year (now at 30,000 views on Slideshare) was the rise of new news organisations, and probably the most powerful of these is Buzzfeed.

Everyone thinks of lists and fun stuff with Buzzfeed, but did you know that they're also making video ads for clients, using their editorial skills to make engaging films that people will want to share (& potentially cutting out agencies).

Here's one example - a film for Friskies that has had nearly 20m views in 6 months:

A follow up, 'Regarding The Dog' has had nearly 10m

Other examples (with admittedly fewer views):

JC Penney - 'Women reveal the truth about growing up'

Nestle - Life-changing baking tricks everyone can do

Luvs Daipers - Tips & tricks for travelling with your baby

Hasbro - How to win at Scrabble

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