Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Publishers vs Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are big news.  It's said that anything from 15 to 39% of UK internet users use ad blockers, and since they're viewing pages with no ads on them, publishers are losing lots of money as a result.

Publishers can tell if someone is using an ad blocker, and some are starting to put up notices on the site asking people - with varying levels of politeness - to turn them off.

Lonely Planet (What makes me Grumpy?  It's that you use AdBlock - stop that!)


The Guardian (very polite, very 'Guardian', at the bottom of the page)

Wired - Banner at the top ('Do us a solid?  Me neither)

& also Channel 4 - which disables video playing for people with ad blockers

Washington Post - active from 10th September 2015

The Atlantic

Axel Springer's - asks people to turn off ad blocker, or pay to access the site

The Mirror and The Telegraph test a similar policy

The NYT is starting to test blocking the blockers

I think we may see more people adopting Channel 4's approach - but then if people can get what you have elsewhere people will just choose to visit a different site.

Seen any other good examples?  Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter - I'm @dancall

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