Thursday, May 19, 2005

Find Cheap Gas - A Mash-Up of Google Maps and Gasbuddy

Just the latest great amateur Google Maps application - combining it with GasBuddy

Anyone fancy sponsoring an annual award for the best Google Maps application? Monthly award even?


& one of Google's own - track taxis via GPS

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... seems that the CheapGas GoogleMap Page seems to be down. Anyone know if it was moved elsewhere?

I was thinking about putting together some sort of contest for best Google Maps apps as well... Running searches on the major engines for such apps is how i found this posting to start with. I'm a lil obsessed with the Google Map service right now; prob cuz I'm procrastinating studying for my upcoming exam.

In any case, I started a forum to compile the best(or for now... ANY) Google Map Appz. In addition, I started some sections to help get potential Google Map App programmers in contact with one another to collaborate on projects; and another section for people to throw up ideas.

Check it out:

Comments and Suggestions Appreciated!!!

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