Friday, September 08, 2006

Dancing Matt & the Numa Numa Kid

This week I saw two examples of online stars who’d been persuaded to repeat their tricks for commercial ends.

First is Matt Harding, and American who made a video of himself on his world tour in 2003-4. He did a silly dance in lots of different places, like a video version of the people who have photos of themselves taken wearing a football shirt all around the world, and edited them together into a very snappy video:
This was seen by Stride gum, who paid him to re-create the film, and post it up with their logo in the corner. Matt is a very self-effacing bloke, and did an even better job the second time round. See the new version here – currently 2.5m views on YouTube.

The second example is of the Numa Numa guy, Gary Brolsma, who made a video of himself lip-synching to a song by the band O-Zone.
Here’s the Original (sorry - bad Youtube copy):
& now this too has been turned into an ad, in this case for Arnet Internet Providers in Argentina.

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