Monday, June 14, 2010

Twirdie Twitter-based golf game

This is very strange, and also very entertaining and addictive.

Twirdie is a golf game that uses twitter analytics as a playing mechanism.

You take a shot by putting a word into the box. The number of times that word has been mentioned on twitter in the last 60 seconds determines how many yards your ball travels.

So at the start of the hole use words like 'birthday' that will be used frequently, and at the end, as you near the hole, use more obscure words like 'Liverpool'. You get the idea. Words like 'love', 'need', 'want' etc are far too popular; you end up having to start at the tee again.

It's great fun, pretty frustrating at times (in a good way) and an excellent way of getting people to think about twitter and data. Every time you play it will be slightly different, because the words will be used different amounts at different times.

Give it a go!

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