Thursday, January 27, 2011

Case studies of promoted tweets

A fascinating blog post from Mongoose Metrics in December details some of their experiences as beta testers of promoted tweets.

You can see that they were buying terms like #JustinBieber to promote their own pages, for example.  (This is the page the link clicked through to).  Bidding oin terms is competitive, starting at $0.10 per engagement, where an engagement is defined as a retweet, a reply, a favourite or a click.

Read the post here, but the bottom line of their results in November and December was:

961,000 Tweet Impressions
18,000 Clicks
168 Replies
126 Conversions
Cost = $2067


$2.15 cpm on impressions 
$0.11 cpc for the clicks
$2.15 cpa for the conversions
$0.11 cost per engagement (very similar to the CPC, as clicks are by far the most common engagement - I find that with my tweets too).

See also their 10 lessons from promoted tweets

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