Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morgan Spurlock & product placement

Following on from yesterday's post about Kevin Smith's new model of film distribution comes Morgan Spurlock's model of film financing.  Spurlock's new film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold is all about product placement, and has been paid for... by product placement from companies like JetBlue Airways, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Sheetz Convenience Stores, POM Wonderful, and MINI.

While this is clearly a one-off stunt, I do think that low-budget film makers will increasingly do deals relating to sponsorship and product placement to get the films made.

More information here; it opens in the US in April, so I'm hoping it'll be opening in Europe in the summer.  I hope the film is good, as it's a fascinating subject.

I've joined the mailing list, and the first email told me that they want to use the people on the mailing list to help to promote the film, so I'm looking forward to more details of that!

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Eddie said...

It is amazing how different styles can get the job done. Nothing beats a shameless product placement to make a few bucks.

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