Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Orange's Winter Warmers

Nicely illustrating one of my trends for this year, Orange's new initiative has the brand behaving in a very human fashion.

"The cold. The dark. Winter’s gloomy sometimes isn’t it? So we’ve come up with a little plan to help you cheer up your best mates and give yourself a nice warm glow.

Send a winter warmer to a friend - tweet #WinterWarmer with your friend’s name or Twitter name. We’ll ask you for their address and race over to your mate with a van full of hot chocolates and scarves.

Follow us on Twitter to find out when we’re out and about in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Brighton delivering scarves and hot chocolate to your grumpy chums."

(Yes, it's vaguely similar to last year's KLM Surprise)

If you know someone who needs cheering up (Andy Gray?  Richard Keys?), nominate them to Orange here, and see the twitter action here.

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