Thursday, September 08, 2011

David Guetta sells his album through Facebook

I think this may be a first.  David Guetta is selling his latest album Nothing But The Beat directly to fans through Facebook, using Facebook credits.

Each track costs 19 credits, or approximately £1.10, or the album 150 (£9.50).  As it's Facebook credits, Facebook takes 30% of the payment in commission. 

You need to use the app.  The buying and purchase process is pretty smooth.

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Louisa Tinder said...

Selling an album or any products on Facebook is nothing new these days, simply because almost everybody are hooked up on Facebook -- making it the number one of the most successful social media platforms in the world. Also, it is so much cheaper and easier to post a few images, and sell your brand through this platform than to create a website from scratch, although, that can also be helpful.

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