Friday, December 23, 2011

Things I Love - Friday 23rd December

This Tumblr of very low key rock & roll anecdotes

Tim Minchin's Woody Allen Jesus song.  I can see why ITV didn't want it in a prime time show two days before Christmas, but now lots of people are hearing it anyway.  It might even work better on YouTube, and I'm sure it would sell a lot of copies if it was available as a download.

This terrifying mountain biking video.  Dear mountain bikers, I think of your mothers...

Jon Spira's excellent documentary Anyone Can Play Guitar, all about the Oxford music scene, and featuring Ride, Supergrass and Radiohead.  It's also a great example of how creative communities work; the scene revolved around a venue that all the bands played in.  There was also lots of movement between the main and peripheral bands.  A lot like lots of other creative communities.  Watch it!

The Divine Comedy's song Gin Soaked Boy.  Is there a better 'list' song?  Is there a better final couple of lines?

Oh - and my new 'long skinny' scarf from Tallulah and Hope!

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