Friday, December 09, 2011

Things I love - Friday 9th December

A slightly longer one this week, to make up for not doing it last week (too busy)

The delicious beers made by Fyne Ales in Scotland.  Great customer service too.  Buy a case or two for Christmas - for yourself or as a present - you know you want to!

This excellent mashup of the best film trailers from this year.  I need to see more films!

& speaking of mashups...  We used this at the pub quiz I run (1st Sunday of the month) - teams had to identify both artists from 10 mashups.  This was the best one:

The Procatinator

This QR Tattoo - it plays a random link each time.  Try explaining this to your grandchildren though!

These Christmas cards from Ham.  Officially this year's cutest cards!

1 comment:

stretchyfernia said...

I must say that you love simple things. The beer definitely takes the NO. 1 SPOT for me too!

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