Thursday, March 01, 2012

Brands' new timelines on Facebook

Facebook is now letting brands have full timelines, like people.  Here are some good examples, courtesy of AdAge.  The best ones have filled in their past (for people who are interested) and probably done a bit of artful omission.

Jaguar - Sadly not much on the history - nothing before 2008 at the moment - hopefully more to come

Coca Cola - goes back to the 1880s - someone's been very busy

Ford - again the company historians have been working overtime

Old Spice - includes some comical made up stuff about the origins

Tide - includes lots of old ads

Burberry - no mention of Daniella Westbrook...

Manchester United - All the way back to Newton Heath

This also gives an indication of the costs that brands face with Facebook, as well as the benefits.  If you are on Facebook you know that Facebook will keep tweaking how the pages work; it's a constantly evolving process, but unlike with your own site, Facebook decide the pace of change.

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