Sunday, March 18, 2012

Things I love - Sunday 18th March

Apologies for the lach of these in recent weeks.  I've been too busy (& too ill last weekend).  Here we go...

South Africa - I've been here for the past few days, for work, and now relaxing at the weekend.  Cape Town's great - lots of variety, and Table Mountain is stunning, al the more so for being so close to the city.

Daunt Books in Marylebone.  Whenever I go travelling I pay a visit to Daunt to aclimatise myself by reading a racy thriller about the destination.  Daunt have books, including novels, laid out by country; it's a brilliant service, and one the internet doesn't do at all well.  So for Cape Town I've been reading Payback by Mike Nicol.  I have to point out that my local colleagues are pretty appalled...

One thing I've hated:  Homeless Hotspots, BBH New York's appallingly misjudged idea for usuing homeless people as internet connections at SXSW.  I won't rant for too long because I've calmed down now, but seriously...  Did no one in the room raise any concerns when they came up with the idea, when they looked into logistics, when they designed the logo and the T-shirts?  I'd like to think in the UK that would have happened (with the words 'Nathan' and 'Barley' appearing in the intervention).  & yes, it is different from someone running a shoe shine stall.  With shoe shine you're teaching someone a skill, and enabling them through minimal outlay to do it themselves.  With HH you're not.  Oh - and let's not go into the possibility that other names were brainstormed before HH.  (Meanwhile, the readers of the Daily Mail loved the idea)

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