Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things I Love - Sunday 25th March

Lynx's stunt, sponsoring the Panda Cam at Edinburgh Zoo.  If the pandas do end up mating Lynx can claim the credit...

Sites like David Mitchell is a Koala.  Very creative.  Mattresses That Look Like Celebrities seems to be the final word in this trend, but we'll see.

This initiative in London, turning a row of disused shops into a space for pop-up and temporary retail units.  Go and visit Queen's Parade in Willesden Green if you can.  Really, really well done everyone!

The Afterparty, a novel by Leo Benedictus.  If you like Popbitch and Private Eye, you'll love this.  I read it in one sitting (albeit on a long flight) and it's a very entertaining, very well written novel about celebrity culture, featuring actors, publicists, an X-Factor contestant, and cameos from (fictionalised) real people like Elton John & Rebekah Brooks.  It's now out in paperback, and you'll love it.

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