Monday, June 11, 2012

P&G's 'Food Trucks'

This is a great piece of lateral thinking.  P&G has partnered with Walmart to launch some mobile stores in New York and Chicago.  Talking inspiration from the food truck movement (which is very big in some US cities), the trucks tour the city, tweeting their location, and even take requests to visit offices.

The trucks have some product to give away as samples, but also have QR codes that people can scan to order online.  Orders over $45 come with free postage.

I really like this, and can see lots of variants of this popping up over the next few years.  It's comparatively cheap (compared to opening new premises), and it's very flexible.

Earlier - Nike uses a food truck for location-based promotions, the 'item of the month club', and Tesco's F&F store.

More info in AdAge

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