Wednesday, June 06, 2012


#LGTicketHunter is a new competition from LG, to promote their L-Series smartphones by giving away VIP tickets to shows at their venue, the LG Arena in Birmingham, including One Direction, Kanye West & Jay Z, and The Voice live tour.  It's today's promoted trend in the UK.

The more tweets the hashtag gets, the more the map zooms in, until it reveals the location.  Then, the first person to get to the location and tweet with the hashtag will get the tickets.

As you can see from the screen graphic, they are currently seeing about between 1,500 and 2,500 tweets per hour.

Full info here

Update - as a keen-eyed reader has pointed out, this is very similar to the game for VW Fox in Brazil, back in 2011


Leelayz said...

Dan, this is similar to the fox at planetaterra promotion in brazil from a year ago. I think you had covered it on your blog.

Dan said...

Very well spotted - I'd forgotten that. ;-) I'll update with a link.

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