Friday, July 20, 2012

Yahoo! responds quickly to #DearMarissaMayer

Earlier this week Marissa Mayer was announced as the new head of Yahoo!, taking her away from her position at Google.  In the days after she's had lots of unsolicited advice from the great and the good, but one of the most common questions from internet users as a whole was whether she could do something about Flickr, for example this comment on MetaFilter

"Is she going to fix Flickr? That's the only part of Yahoo that I even know exists without having to look it up. I keep a ton of pictures and videos there, and I would love it if Flickr could thrive."

One user set up this page,, essentially asking the same thing, with sharing buttons, and a hashtag reading #dearmarissamayer

So far the page has had nearly 23,000 tweets, and 12,000 Likes.

And...  It's worked.  Flickr now has this page,, acknowledging the request, with the hashtag #dearinternet and hiring people to work at Flickr.

Well done Marissa Mayer!  Now - what should be the next suggestion on

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