Monday, April 07, 2014

Amazon Dash

Returning from a week at a conference (with a couple of days of holiday thrown in), one of the things in my inbox was information about Amazon's new product Amazon Dash.

It's a combined barcode scanner and voice search tool (I had to check that it wasn't an April Fool), to allow people who use Amazon Fresh, the grocery delivery service, to add things to their baskets easily.  Once things are added, people have to go online (or into the app, I'm guessing) to review and place the order.

It looks a lot like a TV remote control, and it's interesting that it's come in the same week as their TV set top box.  I also think it's interesting that it's purely point and talk (no text input), so it's a great example of the future of household consumer technology, and then there's the free local delivery aspect too.

Sign up (if you're a Fresh member) here

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