Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Buy a Viral Concept

Viral idea on Ebay Posted by Hello

This is a great idea.
Viral agency AsaBailey have thought up a very daft, but clearly popular viral story idea (Posh goes shoplifting, is knocked over by a bus when she tries to escape), and are selling the concept on Ebay to anyone who is wants it to be a film for their product. The offer includes the URL being shown thoughout the film.
As they put it:

Your logo will be displayed at the start of our film and at the end providing excellent exposure for your brand. Your web address will be shown across the bottom of the film, making it highly visible throughout the entire film. This will drive awareness of your online offering and brand increasing traffic to your web site, while building further brand awareness and possibly direct online sales.
As well as your web address and logo being shown around our next film, your brand and company details will be included in our efforts to promote the film though online media and blogs, and offline press and media. This will build a buzz about your brands involvement with the film driving yet more brand awareness your way.

At the time of writing the page has been seen by just over a thousand people, and the bid is currently at £235 (reserve not met). Expect lots of tabloid coverage, spoof bids etc, and then an incredibly successful viral.

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