Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paid seeding example - Pizza Hut

Earlier this year there was a lot of discussion about 'paid blogging 'on the marketing blogs

Recently I've come across an excellent example of paid promotion on blogs that's done correctly.

A current campaign for Pizza Hut on a number of UK parenting blogs takes the theme 'free activities' and gets the bloggers to write about what they did over the summer with their kids for free, while mentioning the Pizza Hut Kids Go Free promotion.

Examples -

The People's Republic of South Devon

Blogging with Dr P

Fab Mums


Breastfeeding Mums

I really like this because it's clearly listed in all cases as a sponsored post, so it's very open and above board, the bloggers have been given a genuine reason to write, the subject matter is relevant to the blogs, and it's also perfect for the target audience.

As far as I can work out this was done through eBuzzing, but if you know different let me know!


Unknown said...

Yep.. It was done via ebuzzing :)

Paul said...

Hi - Paul here. The author of the sponsored post over at

I'd also read a lot about sponsored posts and how "evil/bad" they can be etc for all kinds of reasons.

But, to be honest, if someone wants to pay me GOOD money for blogging about something which I feel is okay for my blog - then I'll do it! :O)


Eddie said...

I think the way this advert is worded doesn't seem as sneaky and that its a well developed idea.

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