Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visa & McDonalds give you $5 for checking in on Brightkite

This is another example of brands using the location based 'checkin' as a promotion mechanism.

If you visit McDonalds in the US & checkin with Brightkite you get the 'Easy' badge.  Checkin 5 times and you get to level 2, which gives you a $5 off voucher in McDonalds if you pay with Visa.  It's limited to the first 500 users who qualify.  Limiting offers is pretty normal with these sorts of deals; you need to be able to prevent it getting out of hand.

More at the Brightkite blog.

I'm looking forward to the day when these offers start to become common in the UK too!

Update - McDonalds have shared data from a recent promo with Foursquare - 33% uplift in footfall for a $1,000 investment


charlie gower said...

you're doing a good job of covering the location aware marketing scene. It's very useful for me ; )

Wait until NFC is in credit cards shortly. Then banks will sew up loyalty in one swift move and the marketing in-store / in location piece will become very complicated.

Dan said...

No problem - I find it fascinating how quickly the world is changing!

The blogs for FS, Gowalla and BK publish good new stories most weeks, which is my main source.

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