Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cheryl Cole competition using Facebook Places

This is a neat combination of an outdoor campaign and Facebook Places.

Find a post for the new Cheryl Cole album Messy Little Raindrops, and check in using Facebook.  One of the prople who checks in will win an expenses paid trip to see Cheryl at one of the X Factor shows.

From Facebook:

"There are a number of billboard posters around the country for my new album. If you see one with the Facebook logo, check in to the poster through your phone on Facebook Places. Once you've checked in come back here to enter the competition. You need to use a phone which supports Facebook Places."

More info here, and on Cheryl Cole's Facebook page


Pablo Edwards said...

I think the combination between a traditional advertising method and a social media campaign, may be what it takes to be successful in social media in 2010.

Unknown said...

A chance to get to an X-Factor show, do me a favour.

That said great use of social networking

Dan said...

You could subvert it when you were on there...

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