Friday, October 29, 2010

Wanderfly - travel inspiration

I once heard someone at a conference say:

"Search is great, if you know what you're looking for"

Too often people don't - they want inspiration, or recommendation based on general principles.  Hence all of the 'best 10 gifts for kids' lists on shopping sites, Amazon's recommendations based on what you have bought in the past, and what other people with similar tastes tend to buy, all of the music blogs, and so on.

Wanderfly is a travel recommendation site, that gets you to set your budget, your leaving point, and then pick some of the things you're looking for.  It then returns options, including location, flights and hotels.

Have a play - it comes up with some interesting ideas.

Via the excellent Soap Creative newsletter

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Wanderfly said...

Thanks for writing about us!

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