Friday, October 22, 2010

FMCG brands and Social Media

I was recently interviewed by MBA student Randall Helms for his dissertation on how FMCG marketers use social media, as part of his studies at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

It's now finished, and very comprehensive.  In addition to talking to me, Randall spoke to over 15 other marketers, some of whom chose to remain anonymous.

You can download the dissertation over at Randall's site.  It includes a full transcript of his discussion with me, with all the Ums, Errs, and Wells included.

Randall's a great guy - check out his work!

1 comment:

Randall Helms said...

Thanks Dan! I'm glad you found it an interesting read.

On another note, the published transcript of our interview has been cleansed of most of the ums, ers, and you knows.

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