Friday, October 22, 2010

Crowdfunding Belle & Sebastian in Brazil

A colleague in Bazil sent me this great crowdfunding example.

Belle and Sebastian last played Brazil in 2001, and had no plan to play on the current tour.

5 fans from Brazil wanted them to come, so set up a site to try to make it happen.

BRL 56,000 (= USD 33,000)  needed to be raised to make the concert happen.

They got 280 people to pay BRL 200 each (=USD 120) to guarantee this; they became the founding shareholders.  140 were sold to individuals, and 140 to companies.

A concert hall with capacity of 2,000 was booked, and then the other tickets were sold at BRL 100 each (=USD 60)

This money covered the BRL 56,000 and means that the people who bought the initial 280 tickets got their money back – so got to see the show for free.

My colleagues at the agency AgenciaClick Isobar bought 40 of the initial 280 tickets - see the screengrab below.

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charlie gower said...

that's excellent

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