Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Google People Finder

Hats off to Google for this fantastic resource to help find people after today's Christchurch Earthquake.

Live after only hours, it lets you either search for people or report people's whereabouts.  More information here.

It's brilliant that Google have done this, and it shows the perfect sort of corporate social responsibility:  use your company's strengths for the good of society.

Other good CSR examples I've seen recently include:

Leo Burnett's work for the Eco Heaven Bazaar

GE's Ecomagination Photo Project

Palm's Connections - giving smartphones to non-profit organisations in the US

Ford's People's Fleet - loaning cars to non-profits in the US

& Ikea selling used furniture online in Sweden


Password Manager said...

Glad to see Google is using their capabilities to aid in a time of need. Awesome to see this.

people finder said...

yeah, very impressive. Google doing their best to helping people to locate their love ones or friends.

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