Friday, February 04, 2011

When should I visit Tate Modern..?

This is a great idea.

The site uses data from Foursquare to see when people tend to visit attractions in London, presents it as a chart, and then allows you to see when it's likely to be less busy.  If you want to visit Tate Modern when it's not busy, go on Wednesday.

I think we need a lot more of this sort of thing.  One of the things I find frustrating about Foursquare is the lack of imaginative use of the data.

For example I'd love to see the top places in London by postcode (or more to the point, places where I'm going on holiday).  & I'd love to get recommendations for other places to go (also even better if abroad) from the places I've been to already.

Any developers out there want to collaborate on some projects?

Hat tip - Charlie Gower

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