Thursday, February 03, 2011

YouTube Annotations eCommerce affiliate example

This is something I found the other day - a nice low tech affiliate campaign using YouTube annotations.

(Annotations do work when you embed the video, but you can also see it in full here - but you'll get the idea just from this post)

First pick which girl you want to dress.

Then dress her up. This is Molly

Then, if you choose the top combination:

You can click through (in the description) to buy each item.

For example, the link to the undies has had nearly 900 clicks (Yes, you can argue that the target audience aren't likely to be buying women's clothes, but hey)

You can then re-dress her, or move onto other garments like trousers, tops and dresses.

Very nicely done.


neilperkin said...

Reminds me of the French Connection 'Youtique' personal shopping thing which used annotations to click to buy. I think clickable video is really interesting - way more interesting than pre-roll anyway ;-)

Dan said...

Yes, quite similar, but without having to do a deal with YouTube, and neatly circumventing YT's ban on linking directly to other sites from video annotations!

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