Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Promoted Tweets in the Timeline

This is a first for me - today I got a promoted tweet in the Twitter timeline for a brand I don't follow.

See the screengrab below.  The tweet appeared at the top of my timeline, but then dropped when I refreshed.

I'm sure it was appropriate, and it was also something that I was interested in.  I'm assuming it was because I follow similar accounts to Sainsbury, and also a lot of food-related accounts.

Twitter say that they've been rolling this out since September.  I think it's not too annoying, but presumably the usual suspects will be up in arms about it when they see it.  However it will potentially create lots of revenue for Twitter.  You can currently roadblock (take over) Facebook for certain days for brands for pretty sizeable sums; with my work hat on this would be a good thing for advertisers to be able to do on Twitter too.

PS - this is what Sainsbury are promoting - the new Jamie Oliver Christmas ad.

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