Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MINI's Escape 'Tag' Game Comes to Tokyo

Last year MINI ran a very successful mobile game in Stockholm.  Players had to download an app, then try to 'hold' a virtual MINI, in a game of tag.  If you get within 50m of the current holder you can grab the MINI, but then all the other players will be after you.  The person who 'held' the MINI when the competition ended won a real one.

About 11,000 people played in Stockholm (playing an average of over 5 hours per person - see case study below), and now it's coming to Tokyo this Saturday, an area 32 times bigger.  Last time it was for iPhone users only, this time they've also created an Android app.  They expect over 100,000 people to play over the 9 days of the competition!

Here's the video announcement:

& here's an excellent case study of last year's competition in Stockholm:

"On the final day, parts of Stockholm were totally jammed with players"

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