Monday, January 20, 2014

Marketing with Tinder

How does Tinder (the mobile dating app) make any money?

The answer is that it doesn't really need to as it's not a stand alone company, it's actually part of IAC which also owns, OK Cupid, and lots of other online properties that do.

However it's started making forays into (I'm guessing) paid ads on the site, with this promotional campaign for the TV show The Mindy Project, in which an account was created for 'Mindy' and then she was matched with various men who use the app.

There's also a story that there will be a Tinder storyline in the show - so maybe it's actually cross-promotion.

I think that this is a pretty creative way of using Tinder, but...  Surely you're just going to antagonise the men who thought they'd met someone, and also is 'The Mindy Project' even aimed at men..?

Full story here

Update - Domino's Pizza has done it too

Update - A case study from Domino's Pizza

Update - A Case study for a dogs charity

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