Monday, January 13, 2014

Victorian Sensation - Blogging The Common Love of Good

My friend A C Rees has written a novel: 'The Common Love of Good'.  It's a literary novel set in 1860, about a long forgotten crime, and is told in the form of letters and diary entries.

Having been through the grind that is the usual channels to try to get published (and been told that first novels should be short and simple), she's now decided to generate more interest in it by posting it in regular 'real-time' posts on this blog, 'Victorian Sensation'.

Have a read.

She's also making use of her research and perspectives from writing the novel to look at modern life in the Neo Victorians section - finding surprising and sometimes dismaying similarities and differences between the eras - and commenting on instances of our cultural fixation with the 19th Century such as the recent 'Ripper Street' and '12 Years A Slave'.

You can also follow updates on Twitter, as some of the main characters in the book talk about their day to day lives

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