Monday, July 11, 2011

Diplo previews new songs on is the hot new music site.  People enter, then choose between different themed rooms where people are playing through playlists.  They can chat on-screen while the music plays, and can express how much they like or dislike what's currently being played.

I spent a few minutes on the site a couple of weeks ago.  Since then it's been limited to the US (there are lots of potential legal problems...) but it's attracting a huge amount of hype and love.  Friends in the US are raving about it on Facebook.

Lase week the DJ Diplo went on as a DJ, and played 3 new tracks, and generated lots of buzz in the process;  you can read about it here and here.

I've written before about why brands should get involved with new technologies, even if they're very niche, and it may pay off for Diplo.  It's a lot easier to do as an individual than a brand of course, but I have a feeling will create quite a few headlines this year.

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