Friday, July 29, 2011

Isaiah beats Fabio Mano a Mano

After a few days of YouTube challenges, Isaiah Mustafa has beaten Fabio's challenge, and remains the Old Spice Guy:

I've been a bit unsure about this campaign.  It's been fun, but not that great.  I think the problem is that Fabio has no cultural meaning for me.  I'd heard of him (though Howard Stern), but I could never get that interested in him as a spokesman for Old Spice.

(I'm finding it hard to think of a British equivalent.  Maybe Tom Jones?  Not cheesy enough?)

Isaiah Mustafa works so well because he was an unknown beforehand.  Incidentally, the original Old Spice ads were surely inspired by this sequence from Orson Welles' film F For Fake:

I'd love to see the original Old Spice brief: "Can we find a really cool guy who sounds like Orson Welles..?"

F For Fake is a great (if unusual) film.  You really should buy it.

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