Thursday, January 12, 2012

Graham Coxon curates a line up of local bands for his tour

Graham Coxon recently revealed details of a new album, A+E, and tour.  For the tour, he wants to find local bands to support him at each date.

His website lets you select a date, then nominate a band.  Others can then watch the videos and vote on the bands.  The final choice is Coxon's (hilarity would no doubt ensue otherwise) but the votes give him a steer as to the popularity of the different acts.

For example The Spitfires currently have the most votes to support him at The Forum in London:

This is such a good, simple idea.  It gives local bands a leg up, gives Coxon interesting support bands, and helps to publicise the tour in each of the towns.  Excellent.

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