Tuesday, January 17, 2012

'Like' Kahlua when you watch The Big Lebowski on Facebook

I found this little snippet in an FT story on how Lion's Gate is using Facebook for film rentals.  If you rent The Big Lebowski to watch on Facebook, you can 'Like' Kahlua while you watch the film:

"Other films have also taken product placement to a new level, offering viewers the opportunity to “like” consumer products that appear in the film. When the main character in The Big Lebowski makes a white Russian, viewers can “like” Kahlua, which then allows Kahlua to deliver free marketing messages to that person’s news feed."

(Article here)

I haven't done it, so I'll take the article's word for it.  It's pretty clever, and I think for many people it could even add to the enjoyment of watching the film.

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