Friday, January 27, 2012

The return of Ferris Bueller

This is a teaser for a Super Bowl ad.  Please let the full ad be good!

There's so much excitement on the internet for this.  If it's bad it'll rebound badly on which ever brand it is.  I think I'd forgive most sins if Alan Ruck was in it too, though, or Mia Sara, or Ben Stein...  What's the betting Ben Stein does a voiceover..?

(Although I always thought that American Beauty worked pretty well as an unofficial sequel, with Kevin Spacey as Ferris)

Update - Here's full ad.  It's a shame that it's for something as dull as a new Honda, but there are some nice touches.  No Alan Ruck though.

The ad is to promote what Honda are calling a 'Leap List' - like a bucket list, but a list of things you want to do before you make the 'Leap' into full adulthood.  You can submit your own Leap List in their competition at

Oh - and there's a Seinfeld one for the Acura

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