Sunday, April 01, 2012

Things I Love - Sunday 1st April

These amazing drawings from players of the game Draw Something - brilliantly creative

This man singing in the back of a Canadian police car.  The cops park up and let him finish before getting him out.

Jeremy Deller's exhibition Joy in People at the Hayward Gallery.  There are lots of interesting things to see, but probably my favourite, hidden away at the end, almost as an afterthought, was a family tree of Shaun Ryder.  It simply showed the names and the dates of ancestors, with their occupations, going back about 5 generations.  The point of the piece (I think) was to illustrate the decline of the industrial north.  For generations they'd been weavers or lace makers, or prescott, but then Shaun's dad became an aircraft fitter, and Shaun became a singer.  It's a great use of information in art.  Go to see it!

The prospect of being able to order Chelsea Buns from the Cambridge shop Fitzbillies online.  Why did no one tell me..?

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