Sunday, April 22, 2012

Things I Love - Sunday 22nd April

This new tumblr What Happens in Media Planning.  It's just a situation ('When money gets reallocated from my digital budget and is given to TV instead, it's like...') and then a silly animated gif.  It's so good.  Long may it continue!

This video on how to pack to travel light, from Mr Porter.  Nothing particularly groundbreaking, but some good tips!  I'd add:

- Get high quality, thin T-shirts, like Sunspel, which take up a lot less space; ditto for sweaters

- Get an internal packing system, like the inner bags by Eagle Creek, which keep all your clothes tidy and clean when they're in the case

This site from the National Trust on 50 things kids should have done by the time they're eleven and three quarters.  Things like camping in the wild, climbing a tree and building a den.  Well done!

French & Grace, a little restuarant in Brixton Village.  The specials are always great, and the deserts (ginger cake with salted caramel) deserve to be legendary!

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