Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Brightly's Beginnings & Endings Project

I used to post a lot more about music.  My feeling is that bands are now doing less interesting things to market their music (or, maybe, the 'interesting' things that they did a few years ago didn't really work all their well, and they're now doing more conventional things)

Brightly (on Soundcloud here) are from Melbourne and are doing something that's both interesting and fun.

To promote their first album Beginnings & Endings (out this month) they've created a way of spreading the word and giving the album away for free to those who are most successful at promoting them.

Called The Beginnings & Endings Project, they have created a game based on unique access codes.

Once you register on the site you get your own code, which allows you to download the track Preflight Nerves for free.

When you share this code with your friends and followers it tracks now many visit the site to use it, and once you have 10 people who have signed in and created their own account, you get a notification that you can download the album for free.

You can see the progress of your own link against a map, using open source mapping data from Leaflet.

This is my unique link - 2kh

It's a bit reminiscent of how The XX seeded their second album, but it's a very good enhancement of it.  Very well done!

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