Monday, April 22, 2013

Take a photo of the new Weetabix TV Ad on your phone for a free sample

This is incredibly clever.  Weetabix are offering a free sample of a 4 pack of their new breakfast biscuits to anyone who takes a photo of their TV ad with their phone and takes the picture into a branch of Boots.

The ad will be screened on TV tonight, and you can only go into Boots to claim tomorrow (presumably limiting the scope for fraud).

You can also see the ad below - and I guess you could take a pic of the video from here and it would still be legal.

What a great way of distributing coupons through TV.

More details here

Update - people have questioned whether you could take a picture fast enough.  Here's one that I took from YouTube on full screen, and it looks pretty similar to the pic used in the article I linked to above.

Further update - You'll notice that it says 'Available at Selected Boots'.  This does not include my local one (at the top of Tottenham Court Road) where the staff looked baffled by the whole idea.  However as a member of the public, I have no idea which the 'selected' branches are.  Great idea, but this could have been done better, I think.

Even further update - I left a comment on Weetabox' Facebook wall to tell them about my experience, and ask if there was a list of participating stores.  They then posted this link... & the store at 120 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 5AP is on this list.  Whoops.  Someone missed the memo.

Final update - I got a packet at lunchtime.  Great!

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