Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jack Draws Anything

Jack Draws Anything is a very enterprising project by 6 year old Jack Henderson.

Jack's brother Noah has had to spend time in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, and while he was there the hospital looked after Noah, but also Jack and his other brother Toby.  Jack is now trying to raise money (originally £100, now 10,000) by drawing pictures on request.

Ask for a picture here, but first donate money here.

Visit Jack's site here, to see some of the pictures he's drawn already.  For example here are two different pictures that feature Doctor Who.  I'm not allowed to feature any of the pics here (I hope my use of the logo above is ok), as Jack says on his site:

"All pictures belong to me Jack and are copyright © Jack Henderson 2004–2011.
Don’t steal my pictures or else I’ll become a lawyer when I grow up."

Brilliant work.  & no Jack, we'd hate you to have to be a lawyer when you grow up because you're clearly a very talented and enthusiastic artist!

Here's the link to donate again.

Via Metafilter

Update - 25th November - they won the .net Magazine award for Best Social Campaign of the Year!

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